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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they are real like from active users in the community.

They certainly are. We provide automatic likes alongside other desirable features like delays, randomness. The utilization of all of these features ensures that you establish your online presence and make your account far more attractive to other users.

We currently have PayPal as our only and primary means of payment. However, we are working on the addition of more methods of payment to make transactions easier and much more convenient for you.

For now, we only offer likes and views. However, we do have plans on adding new services in the future. Visit our website regularly for updates!

Unlike the rest of our competition, we have a large network and multiple contacts within the community. This allows us to provide our customers with likes from active users.

We currently offer 10% when acquiring services for two accounts, 25% for five accounts and 40% for 10 or more accounts.

Credentials and passwords are not necessary in order to purchase our services. The only thing that we require in order to deliver the likes that you desire is your account username.

It’s certainly important to understand exactly how our subscription works so that you can best take advantage of what we can do. If you want to get a leg up on the competition and fix it before it can become a problem in the first place, you can immediately change the settings in the check out page. There are extra options that you can tinker around with in the “show advanced settings” button. <br> In here you’ll be able to take control of certain aspects, such as the exact gender that you want to target. This includes male, female as well as both for those who are prepared. You can also change the location depending on the place that you want most of your likes and posts can come from. This way, there is a consistency in your work that will make you a force to be reckoned with.

Definitely. Because we provide you with real likes from genuine and active users, there’s no fear of being suspended or blocked.

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